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Text for Page 237 [05-12-1862]

	   A supper: and bivouack
One of these addressing me, proved to be Fox
the ex-engraver, of Boston, once, I think, a
partner of Hayes, at least well known to him,
Damoreau and Alf Waud.  He apologized for
not inviting us on board, saying that the steamer
was very crowded.      Parting we strolled back
till near to the White House and in a little
declivity found a neat doury with a young
negress named Lavinia, who sold us some
milk.     Inquiring further, it appeared that if
we could wait for half an hour or more, she
could conduct us to her hut and provide us with
a good supper.      So applying to a rather stiff-
necked Major Williams of the U. S. regulars
� 6th cavalry � we obtained permission to put
up our horses in one of the huge stables, empty
but for the animals of some of the officers.   The
dairymaid finishing her work, piloted us to her
hut, where in a most picturesque interior, after
considerable delay, we procured an excellent meal,
comprising shad, eggs, ham, coffee, pickles
and corn bread, for which I paid her a dollar
each.     A dark walk afterwards to the field
on which were the 6th cavalry � not encamped,
for they had nothing but their blankets.     Here
we found Whittemore and Painter.      A visit
to Gen Stoneman, whom we found preparing to
pass the night on a chair, authorized our stay,               
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