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Text for Page 239 [05-13-1862]

	Purchase of a mule.       Ill.
ing and rode off, amid the soldiers, trying to
buy another horse.    At last succeeded in find-
ing a negro boy, the attendant of a quartermaster
who had captured a mule after the battle of
Williamsburg which he was willing to sell for
$2,,50.            Paying it, I, with some difficulty,
got both animals back to the White House stables
� for the mule broke his rotten halter once, and
finally I had to dismount and lead both him
and the horse.   Removed saddle and bridle from
my poor brute�s back to that of the more enduring
but less noble animal; paid a visit with Hall
to the dairy maid�s house, now thronged by sol-
diers, then off to certain of the Signal Corps,
whom we found lying in a field.     There were
Lieutenants Daniels, Paine, Gloskowski and
others.     The day wore on, the sun was mer-
cilessly hot, and with pain and weariness in
every limb, I began to feel as if I was about
to experience a sunstroke.    So Hall and I set
off to try and find a house and retraced our
yesterday�s path for about three miles, all of
which were trodden by advancing soldiers.
I shall never forget the fatigue of that ride;
I was dead-beat, utterly exhausted, in conse-
quence of last night�s exposure.   Seeing a house,
at about half a mile�s distance from the road,
in the direction of the Pamunkey, we rode               
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