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Text for Page 243 [05-15-1862]

		At Atkinson�s.
up a �minstrel� company, extemporized from
street performers and itinerant loafers of
Galveston, Texas, through which state and
others, Jerome had led his queer troupe, with
pecuniary success.   Furthermore he wrote songs
of more than average ability, sang them, and
was extremely social in his habits; taking
to me a good deal and I reciprocating it.
The fellows laughed at the young giant But-
ler, declaring, however, that he was very plucky.
Our commons improved materially by the
party, we messed rather jollily than other-
wise, in spite of the weather.      Towards the
afternoon, a quartermaster of some New
York regiment appeared, seeking lodgings
for two damp and disconsolate women, who
were loo accommodated up stairs, old At-
kinson giving up his room to them and slep
sleeping below, with us.      The Signal Corps
had established a telegraph station on the top
of a barn; indoors they played poker and
drank and smoked.
  16.  Friday.   The weather clearing up,
but the roads impassable with mud.  A stroll
to the bank of the Pamunkey with Hall, after
dinner.    Returning, discovered an old copy of
�Sandford and Merton� in the house and read
it through for the sake of old, boyish, recol-               
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