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Text for Page 247 [05-18-1862]

	     On the March again to
asking him for some opium pills to stop my
diarrh�h, which troubled me worse than
ever.   By night we lay on the rank, frowzy
grass, which smelt disagreeably.   This evening,
Berdan�s men, in common with many other
regiments got orders to march on the morrow.
  19.  Monday.   Up before daybreak; more
diarrh�h, a ride to the Post Office, to and
about the White House landing, then, by the
horrible road towards New Kent Court House,
accompanying the marching regiments, the cannon,
the horses, mules and army impedimenta.      In
the woods, met Anderson of the Herald, who
looked trim enough, who had been back to
New York and returned to the scene of action.
Parted soon.       My mule obstinately slow,
could only get him to go a decent page by obli-
ging Hall to go ahead and by surreptitious-
ly stimulating his horse by a touch with the
stick; Hall himself had a dread of rapid
locomotion.   The road wild and woody, pas-
sing through ravines.    Near New Kent Court
House met Skilton and learnt that the Penn-
sylvania 105th was near at hand.     Found
it and Heichhold, in a woody lane.    By
this time the day, which had threatened rain
all the morning had fulfilled its threat, the
water descending like a small deluge, heavy               
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