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Text for Page 248 [05-19-1862]

	   New Kent Court-House.
and continuous.     The friendly Heichhold gave
me some physic and a dram, and presently
I was fain to lie down on the leaves by the 
road side, imperfectly sheltered by my India-
rubber overcoat, feeling very ill and exhaust-
ed.      But as the rain gave no signs of abating,
it wouldn�t do to stop there, so I got wearily
into the saddle again and rode, with Hall,
to New Kent Court house.  Here we discovered
that old Heintzelman had taken up his quar-
ters in Taylor�s little house, but didn�t
go there, knowing we should get no welcome.
Finding at length a miserable attic, over a
stable, we the latter filled with soldiers, we
ascended to beneath the broken, sloping roof,
where we could only stand upright in the cen-
tre, and there amid bricks, rubbish, old
clothes and worse, slept till 3 � P. M.
the rain descending in torrents on the roof.
Then, the weather abating, we resolved to try
and procure better quarters for the night,
and applying at the house of a Virginian named
Chandler, succeeded.    Desirous of finding
out the whereabouts of Wilkeson I presently
went to old Heintzelman who was ventilating
his meagre body at the portal of the house
of the ex-rebel lieutenant.        Directly he had
made a pretence of returning my salutation               
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