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Text for Page 250 [05-20-1862]

	     On the March, again.
snarled at, denied and treated like a dog,
and came back saying that, till then, he had
supposed that U. S. officers were gentlemen.  Pay-
ing him for our entertainment, we set off for a
very hot ride on the Richmond road, which
was picturesquely woody and traversed by
innumerable marching soldiers.    Six or seven
miles brought us up with Phil Kearney�s men
and to the camp fo the 63rd Pennsylvania.
Visited Col. Hays; then to the 105th and saw
Heichhold.   From his tent went to that of
Skilton, who received us coldly enough, and
allowed what few civilities transpired to be
performed by the friendly Holman.  (Be it re-
marked that I had always contributed liberally
to our housekeeping expenses, when before Yorktown,
and paid Skilton for horse-provender, not-
withstanding which the poor beast was nearly
starved.)          Some baggage arriving, Hall and
I got some of our things, left behind at York
town, and I obtained letters from Bowery-
em, Softly and Jack Edwards.    Extract
from the latter, with additions, learnt subse-
quently from honest Jack and Haney:     �I
suppose you heard that Jim Parton went back
to F. F. on her earnest entreaty, 
and it nearly finished him, so he came to
the conclusion, this morning, (May 11) not to               
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