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Text for Page 251 [05-20-1862]

       Mort Thomson thrashed by Haney.
return, and sent a polite note both to Grace
and F. F. intimating that intention.  Well, as
Haney, Jim and I were sitting at his rooms,
806 Broadway after dinner (at 745) of
roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (don�t you
envy us?) there came a knock at the door.  Mort
and his father entered: Jim told them to clear
out.   After a deal of blather Mort called Jim
a liar � up went Haney�s fist straight for
Thomsons eye � a delightful thud sounded through
the room � Haney took Mort�s head in chancery
when old Thomson brought his tremendous stick
down on Haney�s head, claret flew freely and
they both went to the floor.   Old T. evinced a
desire again to tap Haney�s nob, but I frustra-
ted his amiable intention, and not knowing
what I was about, began to pull Haney off the
fallen Mort (for which I have reproached
myself ever since) but it was no easy job,
he had such a grip on Mort�s hair that I thought
as I jerked his arm up that surely a handful
of it would come out.  Mort arose bloody, and
with a black eye, still pretty insolent, but being
again ordered out, he and his old dad departed,
leaving us convinced that he was a thorough
coward.  He went off protesting that he had been
set on by three of us.�         Thus Jack, whom, I
find have copied literally.              He tells me               
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