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Text for Page 253 [05-21-1862]

	On the March to Richmond.
was to cross the Chickahominy on the morrow.
Talking with Captain Hanna, of it, I found
he had been in the Lake Superior country and
had known some of my acquaintances there.
Estabrook, the captain of the Sam. Ward, has
retired on a farm, Frank Noble is dead, and
Hanna thought that pretty Bertha Livermore
was married.        Hall dozed in Heichhold tent
during the afternoon; I shared it with the doc-
tor at night.
  22.  Thursday.   The usual levee of sick
soldiers at the tent-door of a morning, for the
benefit of whom Heichhold had established a sort
of dispensary on the borders of a wood.     Saddled
mule and off, Hall walking beside me, he
having yielded his horse to its owner, Bement.
Went to Gen. Jameson�s headquarters, near which
was Anderson, writing luxuriously, on a table,
under the trees.     Had a brief interview with
Gen. Jameson, during which Heichhold joined 
us.        To Heintzelman�s headquarters, not, of
course to see the old churl, but Wallington and
Bement, in a tent, near the house.         By 10 �
off again, as before, on the road to Rich-
mond, not knowing what lay before us, or
where we should eat our next meal, or sleep.
The day sultry but breezy, the road like a
ravine in a forest of pines.   Passed marching               
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