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Text for Page 254 [05-22-1862]

	Wells; a storm: Gen Hooker.
soldiers.     After about 4 miles journey, came
up to the encampment of the 1st Mass, and in-
quiring after Lieut. Col Wells, found that he
was acting as colonel to the 26th Penn, in
an adjacent field.     Went ot him.  The regi-
ment had been a singularly unlucky one, the
men hadn�t been paid, the officers had quarrel-
led, the late colonel had returned home, leaving
his command almost demoralized; and this
state of things Wells was trying to rectify.  He
had heard nothing of Alf Waud since Wil-
liamsburg.   Returned to the 1st Mass for
dinner, and the colonel�s mess, with the officers.
Talcott there.       A rush back to the Pennsyl-
vania regiment, in a violent rain-storm, which
presently became startling, from its fury, com-
prizing hail-stones of the size of an average
walnut.   In the colonel�s tent, which we found
occupied by a churlish adjutant, who mended
his manners on the appearance of Welles.  The
camp literally flooded by the rain and hail.
A doze on the ground, in tent.     Off again,
on the road.    Half a mile or so brought us
to General Hooker�s headquarters, in a grand-
looking wood, on its outskirts, hard by the high-
way.    As he sat at his tent-door we went and
spoke to him, being received with his usual
courtesy.     He was evidently dissatisfied with               
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