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              [newspaper clipping continued]
working on it ten hours a day for months),
and have just returned from six weks of
Goethe studies and researches in Weimar.  I
am very weary; indeed, completely fagged
out, and to read what you say of my success
sounds almost like irony.
  In 1878 he was appointed minister to Ger-
many.  He sailed April 11, in excellent
health; on the 20th of December he lay in
his coffin at his residence in Berlin.
  The two volumes before us are made up
largely from the poet�s own letters, and
from them one can best gather a real knowl-
edge of the man and his life.  They show
his ambitions, his trials, his failures and his
triumphs, and no one can arise from their
perusal without feeling that his personal
character was as pure and elevated as the spirit
of his poetry.  We have made no reference
to the many works from his pen, all of which
merit a permanent place in American lit-
erature.  It will be interesting to read his
novels and poems in connection with these
memorial volumes, which will shed a strong
side light upon them, and give a key to much
which without this special knowledge of his
life will go unnoticed or misunderstood.
  {Life and Letters of Bayard Taylor.  Edited by
Marie Hansen Taylor and Horace E. Scudder.
With Portrait.  2 vols.  Boston: Houghton, Mif-
flin & Co.  1884.}               
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