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Text for Page 006 [10-03-1862]

         745: Dixon and Mort Thomson.
from Shepherd.   He was going to India,
he said, on a special commission from Cobden,
to report on the progress of cotton-growing.
Also that in the retreat from Richmond, he
had had but two meals in eight days!    An aw-
ful little liar.     Writing all day.    Evening;
after an unsuccessful call at Mrs Potter�s for
Haney, subsequent to one for Hall, looked in
on Dixon.   Chatted for half an hour, then to 175.
The girls, Miss Ann, paterfamilias and part of 
the time, Jack.     The girls generally engrossed
in their books, to an unsociable degree.    Dixon
tells me that Mort Thomson�s wife is enceinte
and that Mort wants him to attend her.    The doc-
tor thinks it wouldn�t pay.   He also inquired
what it was that Mort did at Port Royal that
got him disgraced and arrested and finally opera-
ted towards losing him his position on the Tribune?
I think he must have heard some confused story
of Mort�s looting in South Carolina (he brought
back a tent among other pillage) and of his being
arrested by an army sutler, at Syracuse, N.
Y. whom he owed a heavy grog bill to, con-
tracted in Virginia.       Thomson proved altogether
a too extravagant correspondent for the Tribune;
spending about a couple of hundred dollars for
outfit before he went off to report war matters,
purchasing revolvers, field glasses, and the               
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