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Text for Page 007 [10-03-1862]

       Thomson: Stedman, Osborne and others.
like.     They let him down generously and easily,
though, first suggesting that he might make
more money than his salary (only $14 a week,
say the Edwardses, on report of Nast or Haney)
by lecturing &c.     He didn�t see that so they
delicately � discharged him.    Now, as he does
nothing for the Mercury or the theatres, he must
be running the showy establishment in
17th street, so felicitously described by little Ma-
guire, on his salary as editor of the Illustrated
News, and Grace�s money.            Apropos of
another humbug whom I once had some faith in,
Boweryem and Stedman t�other day, came on
from Washington, on a visit.       He was got up
tremendously, with his hair and whiskers curled.
  4.  Saturday.   Writing.   To Tribune office in
the afternoon.  Saw Gay: my second editorial in
type.       To Haney�s; saw him.    Met Osborne
of the Herald, comparatively recently from Port
Royal and bound thither in a few days.    With
him up Chatham Street, to a photographic gallery
where we went to get portraits of himself.   Return
up the Bowery.      Scribbling during the close, oppres-
sive, musquitory evening.    By 10, when Boweryem
was abed, came Jack Edwards and a Mr Brown
one of his Harper�s Ferry comrades and, as it
proved, known to me as an acquaintance of Hart�s,
when he was last in this city.          They stayed,               
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