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Text for Page 006 [01-02-1852]

              2. Friday.   Took sketch to Barton, accepted.
Lockingtons, Traveller Office &c.  Avery�s.  After-
noon out again after drawing.  Castle Garden.
Met Beukman.  Pencil buying.  In at Strongs.
Some writing to do for his �Whittlings of Jonathans
Jack Knife.�  Reveille.  Drawing during evening
for a short time, then with Holbrook who had come
home and supped with me to the Broadway
Theatre, to see Lola Montes, who has come here
to make profit of her [word crossed out]�s notoriety.  A dull
performance, she excelling neither as a dancer or a 
handsome woman.  The latter she may have been.
The audience neither condemnatory or
enthusiastic.   Farce afterwards.
  3.  Saturday.  Putting Reveille subject on wood.
Little Edward Greatbatch came, with a letter for
me from England.  Barth called in the after-
noon.  Out with him.  To Reveille Office. Got               
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