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Text for Page 009 [10-05-1862]

  of George Arnold, Sol Eytinge and Mrs Levison.
                     Death of Nina Brooks.
ter did six years ago) but the tough and ex-
ceedingly unvenerable old Irishwoman persists in 
emulating Mr Wopsle�s great aunt in the matter
of longevity.       The Selwyns have had a row
with Mrs Pot about a question of paying a weeks
board in advance, Mrs P. getting the same as a
loan and subsequently ignoring it; hence Selwyn
doesn�t speak to his landlady and only remains at
the house because it�s inconvenient to move.       Nina
Brooks is dead; the news was brought to Mrs Pot-
ter by one of her relatives, probably Pierce, her
brother.   The girl was engaged to be married to
an artist (�some poor devil,� said Leslie) at the
time of her decease.    She died of consumption.
  The sojourn of the Leslies at Red Bank N. J.
for a month or more, afforded me some gossip
items.  They had met the Arnolds there.     Leslie
(who knew George A. at the time he used to visit
132 Bleecker) was addressed by him.     G. A., on
Mrs Leslie�s testimony, looked �dreadfully dissi-
pated� and bore a proportionate reputation.    Sol
Eytinge came down to visit the two brothers on one
occasion, when they played cards and drank whis-
key all Sunday night.       Sol, also, looked �bloated
and broken down� � the contrary of his appearance
when I saw him last.         Mrs Levison was at
Red Bank for a season, doing the heavy swell
and aristocrat, rejected food placed before her,               
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