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Text for Page 014 [10-06-1862]

                      Boarding House
ly-amassed fortune there was a litigious brawl
subsequent to her death.     Very probably this
is a similar connection; it looks enough like
it, the bitch herself having all the aspect of
what Cahill would denominate �a parlor woman.�
Both he and Shepherd have smelt after her 
in their time, and of the latter, the worst is sur-
mised.      He used to be all day long in her room,
says Boweryem.      She follows the lead of her
beastly New Yorkish husband in cackle, thinks
that all abolitionists ought to be tarred, feath-
ered, hung, burnt, and �she�d like to do it.�
So much for Mrs Blankman; the other
woman � the widow � is palpably cheap, trashy,
and accessible; her name Dennis; she wants
to be married, kept, or to go down South;
she laughs, talks with perfect unconcern about 
her husband�s death and 
directly afterwards swopped off his clo-
thes for some china or flowers to a street mer-
chant.        The other witness, a Miss Delany,
is simply stupid; until you discover the vul-
garity of her countenance you think her good-
looking: I know nothing of her character.
These three presented the case to Jewitt, who
in the absence of Mrs Boley (away until this
evening at Philadelphia or Washington) has had
the proctectorate of the boarding-house) Mrs               
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