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              [newspaper clipping]
Mr. Shaffer�s colleague, Mr. Edmond Blankman,
was certainly a worthy assistant.  You may re-
member that, several years ago, a lawyer of
this city was suspected of having murdered
his wife, who died so suddenly that she was be-
lieved to have been poisoned.  The case attracted
wide-spread attention, for the reason that the
lady was formerly a famous courtesan known by
the name of �Fanny White.�  In the practice 
of her infamous profession she had amassed quite
a sum of money, by some said to be at least one
hundred thousand dollars, and this it was
charged had developed Mr. Blankman�s affec-
tions so effectively that he actually made the 
abandoned woman his wife.  For several years�
two or three�they lived together, very happily
it was believed, and one morning she died very
suddenly, as I have stated.  An investigation
failed to elicit any testimony going to establish 
the fearful imputation made upon Mr. Blank-
man�s character, and the court entered a verdict
of not guilty in the case.               
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