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Text for Page 016 [10-06-1862]

Blankman being the most communicative.   They
also declare that they won�t come to table with Shop-
land.    So on her return from church on Sunday
morning, when she enters her room � the scene of
the alleged fornication � Jewett taxes her with
it, being frank in his specifications.      She denies
it, of course, says that only innocent familiarities
passed, that she�s engaged to be married to �the
party� &c, finally consenting to have her din-
ner sent up-stairs and presently falling to
ringing for it furiously!   Incontinently after
the meal she clears out, sending for her trunk
this morning.     And so ends our last nastiness,
the heroine threatening to prosecute her slander-
ers.       They are not a bit too good to be liars
about the business.          The house ought fairly
to reek with the odors of the whores, swindlers
and blackguards who have lived and who
do live in it.    Let me reckon up the entire household as 
it is, by way of curiosity:
  Mrs Boley.   Naturally a good-humored,
hasty-tempered, industrious woman, who might
have been entirely estimable and respectable.
Has a drunken, discarded husband,x I be-
lieve a gambler, living either in New York or
Philadelphia.     She speaks of �Boley� with a
reminiscence of what must once have been a
strong affection.      Her moral estimate of gene-
  x Her second � the first died.  He was father to Mrs Burtis.               
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