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Text for Page 007 [01-03-1852]

              paid $2,50.  To Castle Garden with Barth,  where
we parted.   To Traveller Office, and Lockingtons.
Evening drawing for the �Budget�,  Lockington coming
for the block at 10.
  4  Sunday.  Snow thick, deep and constant out
of doors, and biting cold atmosphere.  Writing subjects
for Strong till nightfall.  Sallied out at 8 or
so,  down Broadway through the thick snow drift.
Met Mr Hart as he left Chapins, and with him to
Pattens, where was Mr Richardson.  Imbibition &
fumigation for an hour or so, then left.
  5.  Monday.  Down town.  Took Strong his copy.
In at Traveller Office, Lockingtons, to
the Post-Office &c  Genins & thereabouts.  After
dinner off to Perry Street, where finding the pic-
tures were not raffled or likely to be, returned
back with them.  Snow, mud and water, very               
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