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Text for Page 019 [10-06-1862]

     Mullen.  A coarse-looking fellow with appropriate
     manners.  An ex-filibuster under Walker; a blackguard
     with some artistic abilities.  Irish.
  Shepherd.   Affected when sober in speech
and manner; lewd, selfwilled, and obstinate
when drunk.  Worthless.  Has written decent poetry.
  Watson.  Like Cahill guilty of embezzlement
and theft.    Possessing some ability with his pen
but utterly odious and ignoble in aspect and 
nature.    Inherently dishonest, a liar and
coward; of course worthless.
  Mrs Dennis.   See Page 10.
  Ames.   A loud, lewd, vulgar, shallow young man
employed, at $5 a week, at Anthony�s, in con-
junction with Griswold and Richardson.
  Phillips.   Kindly, honest, weak and good-
intentioned.  Works at his trade of jeweler 
and is paying up back debt to Mrs Boley
by small installments.   Still �engaged� to Trainque.
  A middle-aged, respectable looking man
whose name I don�t know, who sits by
the Blankmans at table and is civil to them
but otherwise unexceptionable.
  The Blankmans.    See pages 9 and 10.
One of the most odious couples I have ever
known, even in boarding-house life.      The
fellow�s aspect is of the �fancy-man� order,
he dresses showily and is prone to talk in
a strident, bullying tone of his �being a gentle-
man.�    It is understood that his wife has
money, but that she won�t trust it out of               
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