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Text for Page 020 [10-06-1862]

        An average couple of New Yorkers.
her own hands or set him up in business.   He
is called �Doctor� and addresses others without
any prefix to their names, loudly; as �Mullen,�
�Cahill�; has conversation generally consisting
of abuse of abolitionists, �Greeley,� the Tribune,
Beecher and the like, uttered in the most of-
fensive manner.    His wife has accused him,
publicly, of being a liar and coward, stating 
that all his family were the same; in a row
originating in her having traced him to some
brothel with a prostitute.   She dresses extensively, 
walks with a whorish swagger, odious to
witness, talks as recorded and displays an
affection blending that of a spoiled child with
that of a self-willed, vulgar, pretentious insolent
woman.     Her cackle is almost bawdily free
and easy; she imitates her husband in her
off hand phraseology to the male boarders,
throws bits of bread at Mullen or Shepherd,
and sings with screeching resonance over the
hapless boarding-house piano.   To contemplate
her is to think �Bitch, Bitch, Bitch,� in 
a sort of mental gamut.              This couple
have a child, rather a pretty one, too, of a 
villanously bad temper, who �takes things� out
of the boarders rooms.      While writing the
above I am favored by Bradshaw with the
information that Mrs Blankman declares that               
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