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Text for Page 023 [10-07-1862]

         Alf Waud�s domestic characteristics.
glad he had found something to praise.   Of
his dictatorial domestic economy I had a few
amusing hints.   He wouldn�t allow any of the 
children to eat meat; �but I give �em some, now
he�s out of the way,� my informant added
with a laugh.        She was glad his campaigning
experience would cure him of his no-
tions.     For instance he would never drink tea
or coffee and vented the most unmitigated sar-
casms on all who did, but now! didn�t he
drink coffee! that was all!      He had once
been Nelly�s oracle, she had almost starved
herself in following his dogmas, but when
she went to Washington and saw him eating
pie � oh! such pie! the meanest kind! she
told him she shouldn�t believe in his dietary
scale any more.       Alf had all these 
kinks long ago; he gets them from the
paternal side.         His wife seemed rather
lonely and dulled by his absence: she loves
him, and spoke of his traits in no unkindly
manner.       She was pleasant and friendly
to me, and looking at her fair face I wish-
ed with all my heart that she was Alf�s
legitimately.       Mrs Jewell had gone over
to Jersey, Mrs Sexton was out.        Returned
to New York in time for a latish dinner.
  Apropos of the Waud�s, Will has had letters.               
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