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Text for Page 025 [10-08-1862]

               Heicchold on Army Matters.
service, and at Alexandria Heichhold re-
signed, in consequence of a misunderstanding
with Gen. Robinson (�the unworthy and incompe-
tent successor of the brave and noble Jameson,�
who �wanted to dictate in regard to the medical
department of the regiment.�   When Heichhold
left it was nearly used up, �scarcely
a corporal�s guard left �� only 125 men on duty.
  He had good health throughout the campaign
and boasts that Uncle Sam never paid him
a day�s wages that he didn�t work for, ad-
ding that �a portion of the time he had charge
of three regiments without any assistance what-
ever.�   He is sick of war matters, incompetency,
Mc Clellan, the inhumanity of surgeons who
are only emulous of amputations and place and
to whose barbarity and bungling �thousands
of poor fellows have already fallen victims.�
  x   x   Rogers of the 63rd, �who left the dead man
at the door of the hut� after being dismissed the
service for cowardice, desertion of command and
feigned sickness, was, a week afterwards, made
a medical director, while Heichhold got no
promotion though recommended for it by three
colonels in their official reports.         Anon follows
talk of the proclamation and president.          Then
�Wilkeson worked hard to canonize (!) Heint-
zelman:  W. is a good deal of a wind-bag.�               
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