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Text for Page 045 [10-29-1849]

              the �Mose� one I had of them.  Then to Orrs the Engravers, 
where I learnt that the �Bubble� had burst � no more to be issued.
To Longs � to 136 Nassau, and all the Engravers therein abiding.
To Pictons�. (Era Office.) to Wilsons. To Warren Butlers, where I agreed
to draw a design on big block for $2.  Then to Jersey, and
did not stir out any more.  Wasted the evening at whist with
Wing, Garry and one of their fellow boors.  Won�t do that any-more.
Much better be reading.
  30. Tuesday. �Up Town.� Calls on Mrs. Washburn, (to enquire
about the Connecticut authoress). Not at home. Ditto Gosling.
Calling at Morse�s learnt that he is still at Utica.  Afternoon
to the American Missionary Society, where that Childs has stepped
into the place of a better man.  The fellow don�t like me, whether
for the reason that I�m an Englishman or no, I know not.  That my
drawings are good I know � I took especial pleasure and care, with
the intent to please Roberts; and I do believe I should have done so �
he was a pleasant fellow and an artist.  This man, can not, or will
not like any names but the ones already acknowleged and knew to him.
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out] Grieved and hurt as I was at the fellow�s �detail
disparagement�, I would not consent to take a quarter price, this time
and so, made out my bill, and left it � having to call on Satur-               
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