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Text for Page 008 [01-05-1852]

              thick walking.  Evening to Brooklyn.  Called
at Dunsiers.  His wife very dangerously ill, � a
miscarriage, he much moved there
at.   Left, returned to New York.
  6.  Tuesday.  In doors all day. Filthy
weather out o�doors, writing and drawing.  Little
design on wood (the scoundrel cheating me of payment whereafter) for a seal for 
Morey. Hol-
brook come in the evening.  (Some part of
it sitting in Mr Cunninghams room down
stairs, they having returned here,  after four
weeks sojourn at the mansion of the Leonard
Street Dickies, the feminine one of which getteth
drunk in most unseemly manner, and hath a
Tilton in the man Garrot.
   7. Wednesday.  Down town.  To Strongs, to
Reveille, to Traveller, thence to Post Office, thence
to Cliff Street, (Spottiswoodes�) thence to Genin,
thence to dinner.     To Canal Street, then writing               
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