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Text for Page 029 [10-13-1862]

town in the dull, raw, cold afternoon,
to the Tribune Office.  Saw Gay: told him I
was willing to return to the Southern Depart-
ment when the time came, declined going else-
where for the present.    Met Birdsall, return-
ing up town.
  14.  Tuesday.   A Mr Simpson called - the
Irish Canadian whom Charley got acquainted
with in England and whom our folks nursed
when he was sick there.   He has been in the old
country this summer, and now comes from Ca-
nada on a bridal trip.       He talked anti-U. S.
after the Canadian-British manner.     In-doors,
I think all day.
  15.  Wednesday.   Finished article for Conti-
nental Mag.   Down town in the afternoon.   In
the evening to the Waverly to return Simpson�s call.
He out.       To 745; found only Mr Edwards; the
girls being visiting the Selwyns.    To Mrs Potter�s:
Haney and Jack not returned from drill; so, dully,
to my detestable boarding-house.       Got a letter
from Hannah to-day and one from Capt. Winches-
ter; the first written in response to my last �Delaware�
one.    Her father is grievously ill; afflicted with
some dropsical affection and, apparently, arithmetic;
he may die of it.          Obstinate, selfwilled, irascible
but not unkindly father of my dear love!             I am
sorry: I would rather have met you in your wonted               
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