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Text for Page 031 [10-16-1862]

        Maverick, Nordhoff, Cahill and party,
   Haney, Miss Cooper � Mrs. Alf Waud & Sexton.
Post Office, where Maverick told me that Ripley
had lost his place through drunkenness.     Nord-
hoff, hearing of my intended return to the South, 
desired me to call before starting, with a view to
a double commission.   Up town; damp; left M. S.
for Gilmore.     Dozing.    Cahill and Shepherd
odiously drunk at the dinner table, and the coarse
ruffian, Mullen talking at me, for which I over-
hauled him, subsequent to their departure, and found
that the brute had taken offence at my not return-
ing a nod of his, two weeks since!   I was ig-
norant of the omission and supposed he had chosen
to champion the other blackguards; who came home
during the small hours, this day, and in their
bestial inebriety converted the staircase into a privy.
  Evening, to Haney�s; he being temporarily in-
valided, in consequence of a sprain.    Miss Cooper
looked in and spoke to me.        Rawson Gill, it,
appears, has found employment under Thomasx
the ex-filibuster, who wanted me to accompany
him to Nicaragua.   Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Griffin
are still in France.
  17.  Friday.   Alf Waud�s wife and her sister,
Mrs. Sexton called, both looking blooming. (I had
a gracious kiss from both of them at parting.)     In
the afternoon called, unsuccessfully, at Parton�s
lodging, at Dodsworth�s, then down town.    Met
Dr. Augustus Rawlings and somebody with him;
	x Bret Harte�s �Thomas of Tigre.�               
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