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Text for Page 032 [10-17-1862]

                 �Dr Augustus Rawlings.�
Rawlings well-dressed, brassy and talkative
as ever.   He talked eulogistically of Gen. Hamilton,
exhibited a photograph of him, one of the burnt
church at Hampton Va. (showing his brother�s grave)
said that he left the army just before Yorktown �
that he had seven or seventy thousand a year (it
doesn�t matter which) and enthusiastically invited me
to accompany him for a two days visit to his place
at Tivoli, opposite the Catskills.        I should find
Quigg there, he added; Quigg had been staying with
him for two weeks or more, at work on a joint en-
terprize, an Army List of Union and Confederate
Officers.  Quigg saw the peninsula campaign out; 
it was horrible; officers were �crazy � actually crazy.�
Only whiskey kept him alive, he had no food but
plenty of whiskey.    Rawlings also abused F. Les-
lie as an ungrateful man who had injured him.     Me
he was extremely cordial to, narrating his our
adventures at Clark�s house and, brassily, trying
to shift the one of the negro-girl on me, but
admitting it himself on my energetic denial.  He compli-
mented me about an instance of sang froid touch-
ing the falling of a shell, which I had half for-
gotten, said that Gen. Martindalex or Hamilton
had identified me by it, and much more.   We drank
and parted.           To Tribune Office.   Saw Gay, got
$7.50 for the editorials.            Being in the inner
  x Now under courtmartial, for cowardice &c. Since Acquitted.               
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