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Text for Page 033 [10-17-1862]

         The Tribune Office � Wilkeson � Birdsall,
                Capt Cannon and the Delaware.
room, overhauling Tribune volumes, House came
in.     A talk with him, Fry and Gay.          Going
downstairs into the publishing office to get my
money, found Wilkeson, just returned from the
country.      He spoke of the hardships of the seven days
retreat, complained of the brutal selfishness de-
veloped by it in those who had been kind to him
previously, depreciated Heintzelman and Brig-
ham, eulogized Alf Waud and appeared the kindly
but rather weak man he is.        Uptown; looked
into Merwin�s arms shop, to get cartridges; he said
he knew nothing of Lindsay.    Met Birdsall,
Capt. Cannon and another, newly come from the Del-
aware, yet lying at quarantine, undergoing fumi-
gation and what not.    Cannon has quite recently 
got over his attach of yellow fever, contracted he
thinks, in transporting bedding, clothes &c from our
unlucky vessel, at Hilton Head.       It appears that
of soldiers and seamen and folks on board who
died of the disease, there were full 23.     Eight
or 9 had the black vomit, at Seabrook where
the vessel was taken to, from Hilton Head.  Can-
non had just seen Judge Bethel at the St
Nicholas.     I called there but missed him.  In
the evening to Varick Street to see the Bartow�s
and little Maguire.
  18.  Saturday.   Writing hard.   Down town
in the afternoon, to Hall�s place of business.  Haney�s               
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