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Text for Page 034 [10-18-1862]

             Letter from Home � Mrs Mitchell �
        Jim Parton � A Day at Edwards�.
and elsewhere, doing small shoppings &c.   At An-
thony�s.   Writing till 11.
  19.  Sunday.   Jack Edwards came up, with
a letter from me, from my mother, received through
Haney.     Much as usual at home, my father�s health
no better.      Aunt Mitchell not expected to live, kindly
entertained by her sister, my aunt Bessie, at Clifton,
who has forgiven old wrongs.   �Confined to her bed,
not a child near her but John, who comes as often
as his duties will permit,� the selfish woman lies,
Tom, William, Minnie and pretty Annie away at the
Antipodes, never to see again the mother who cared
but little for them.            Out with Jack into the lovely,
sunny morning, with the intention of going to Bellows�
church, but passing Dodsworth�s, Jack propsed
we should visit Jim Parton.     We found him with
Haney as a handsome two-windowed room at the
top of the building.    Talk of the war and its belong-
ings until past 1, when Jim had to go off to meet
his catamaran, waiting for him in Union Square.
Haney and I went home with Jack.   At 745 we
found a Mr Rogers, brother to hearty Bill of Ro-
chester, and present owner of a canal-boat, laden
with grains from Buffalo.      Soon the family return-
ed from the Central Park.          An English dinner
and quiet afternoon and evening.       It was good to
be there, though one wanted the girls to like one a little
more and to relieve one of the responsibility of al-               
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