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Text for Page 037 [10-23-1862]

   Proposed residence of the Bellews with the Morses.
          Banks.     Capt. Winchester and the 10th N.Y.
ciliation with them but for an after-proposition
amounting to exaction, originating he supposes in
the female Morse.       They were going to share
house expenses and accommodation, when boot
was demanded.      Mrs Bellew was prepossessed
in favor of Mrs Morse.           Had they lived together
it would have been edifying to have heard their
estimate of one another.    The men would have got
along well enough.     At Crook and Duffs met 
Banks and the two Arnolds.           How does Banks
live now? he cannot exist wholly by sponging,
though he has had no other ostensible mode of live-
lihood for two years.    Fellows cold shoulder him
now, leaving him out when drinks are going round
without ceremony.   At Leslie�s and Haney�s.
Parting with Bellew I called on W. Leslie at
Duane Street, looked into Anthony�s and got
back to Bleecker by 5 1/2.    Bellew�s spleen against
England is not agreable; he never misses an
opportunity of venting his enmity against the dear
old country that did not give him birth.        Scrib-
bling during the evening.
  24.  Friday.   Jack Edwards up all the
morning.  Writing, a letter to Capt. Winchester
and Tribune editorial.    Apropos of the former,
his regiment is now in Sumner�s corps, French�s
Division, Max Weber�s brigade.   It was in the
Seven Days Retreat, got cut up at the fight of               
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