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Text for Page 009 [01-07-1852]

              during the afternoon and evening.  Chapter 
8 of Ike Chivvles.   Unwell.
  8. Thursday.  Writing awhile, then down
town.  To Reveille Office, met Picton, Barton,
and Holbrook;  to Traveler Office, Strongs, Locking-
tons &c.  Met Nagle.   Return to dinner,
writing and drawing the rest of the day.  Ill and
queer.  Weary time of it.
  9.  Friday.  Did drawings, then down town.  To
Traveler Office,  to Reveille, to Mc Afee�s, to Strongs,
(got $2) to Genins, to Nagle�s.  Then back and
drawing, burlesque landing of the Pilgrim Fathers.
Afternoon Mr Hart came and sat two hours or so.
Evening Fred with two letters, glorious one from
Boutcher.       Moorhouse in my room, came to
see pictures, brought a bottle of sherry which we
drank together, he sitting on the bed.               
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