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Text for Page 042 [10-25-1862]

                 Mrs. Augustus Rawlings.
whilome nestled.          Mrs Rawlings is not yet
twenty, pretty, plump, with regular features and
nice dark hair, a real household beauty.    Char-
mingly-dressed, she had a touch of that petted, pout-
ing, spoilt-childish air which one doesn�t object to
in very young and pretty women.   Indeed she was
a dear little goose, which didn�t prevent her from
being affectionate, hospitable, and a good and indus-
trious wife.         Such is the young woman, country
bred, of good family, and among this place with
fifty acres attached to it, � with an ample fortune
besides � that Rawlings has got for a wife.     She
was an orphan, her name Unadilla Elmen-
dorf; the latter respectable Knickerbocker appeal-
tion is yet on the brass plate ornamenting the door
of the house.     Rawlings met her during the Prince
of Wales tour, his unmatchable assurance, the 
girl�s liking and I suppose the absence of guard-
ians and protectors, secured the irrepressible doc-
tor the prize.      I can imagine she thought him a
magnificent man.     The pair have a baby, a
child of sixteen or eighteen months, named Maud,
which sturdy little thing dances and sings and
waltzes with a chair to the inordinate admiration
of grandpapa and grandmamma Rawlings.    They
pet �Una� too, discreetly but after the same
manner.          Quigg has grown very fat since
his return from the peninsular.   He is of Nast�s               
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