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Text for Page 046 [10-26-1862]

                   The Rawlings Household.
an engraver on wood in England: he obtained
money by the prostitution of a sister to some wealthy
man whom Rawlings named.        Returning to
breakfast my inexhaustible host must needs show
me over the house, actually conveying me to the
connubial chamber, descanting on the excellence
and solidity of the old furniture; then to the lib-
brary and other rooms.     There were portraits of
himself, of his father and mother and of �poor
Tom� his brother.    A full length photograph of
himself in a court suit, of course involved a narra-
tion of his presentation to Queen Victoria, though
he didn�t include the item that the event had been
annulled by special order afterwards.    The library
was a good old one, containing standard books, 
excellently bound; I saw a bound volume of
Boston newspapers, published during Washington�s
presidency.      �It�s not a bad thing, marrying
a rich wife!� said Rawlings.           In the hand-
some drawing-room, Quigg seated at the piano,
played us the national tunes of many nations.
(His name is not Napoleon, but John Travis, 
the Bonapartist soubriquent having been given by
Rawlings, plagiarized from another person of
the same surname.)     We looked over photographs
of the different U. S. generals.     Rawlings pere
and mere being present, also the young mother
and her child.        As she moved vivaciously in her               
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