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Text for Page 047 [10-26-1862]

easy chair by the crackling wood fire, I saw be-
neath the skirt of her tasty rich silk gown one
of the loveliest and plumpest legs in the world, ter-
minating in a ravishingly pretty boot � and I
thought of Clark�s house before Yorktown and one
of Rawling�s feats there.     He was as usual, 
loud-voiced, bustling, boastful, restless; the
man could never be still himself or let you be
so, which induced the opposite behavior on my
part.     He seemed not to fit well into his position, 
nor to be capable of enjoying it tranquilly: it was
the fortune-hunter in luck but out of place.     He
evidently encouraged Quigg and myself to speak
of our Peninsula experience that his wife might
identify him with them and suppose him a hero.
She was full of pretty feminine exclamations as,
�I�m sure I should have died!� and the like.
(Really, Rawlings� campaigning amounted to no-
thing; he left before we got into Yorktown.)  In
other particulars the pretty young wife did not
want sense and infinitely more breeding and deli-
cacy than the Rawlingses possessed, but she did
not appear to see through them.      They toady her.
�I want to hear the Nightingale speak!� said
the paternal humbug, at dinner.        It was an
excellent one, comprising soup, game and poul-
try; with claret, sherry and port.        Out of doors
the day had set in for heavy rain.             Two               
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