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Text for Page 048 [10-26-1862]

              Anecdote about the Stedmans.
visitors appeared in the afternoon, [word crossed out] men
from some adjacent, whose business was
to talk pro-slavery Democracy and organize the
coming elections.  They wanted Rawlings to speak
on the occasion.   He says he shall run for the As-
sembly in a year�s time, in the meantime going
to Europe, on his wife�s attaining her majority.
(Possibly more money will accrue, then; indeed I
heard him say something to that effect.)        The
rest of the day passed in talk, smoking, tea, 
&c.               Talking incidentally of Stedman,
when the others had retired; �Isn�t he something
in the Free Love way?� asked Quigg, �When I
was at his house in Washington, he asked me, in
the presence of his wife to take off (or change) my
trousers.         I didn�t do it.   And she crossing her
foot on her knee to lace her boot, showed the whole
of her leg as if she didn�t care a bit about my
seeing it.�         I told Quigg I had met his lady-
correspondent, Mrs Winslow.   He said she was
an out-and-out Secessionist, and a fool, or some-
thing like it and that he believed she was now
living at the Planter�s Hotel with her husband.
  27.  Monday.  Much the same as yesterday.
First intermittent then steady rain.   By 10 to
the depot with Quigg and Rawlings to get New
York newspapers.   My host the same as ever,
hospitable, restless, brassy, loud-voiced, rather               
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