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Text for Page 052 [10-30-1862]

                         with Blankman.
Boweryem told me afterwards, for I didn�t look
at the fellow.          The boarding-house table had
thinned during the row, Cahill and Shepherd,
who witnessed it having gone upstairs.   Bowery-
em still sat almost opposite me, with Blankman
at two seats distance; he had refused the request
of his wife to accompany her upstairs.  Phillips
had risen, when I asked him quietly to remain
a few minutes.   He did so.     Then I rose, slip-
ped off my coat, and told Blankman that if
he wanted to attend to that little nose-mashing
business to come along.  I know now, as I had a half
persuasion then, that had I gone upstairs he
would have thought himself well out of the busi-
ness and would have avenged himself by private
brag and bluster at my expense.      But there was
no dodging the issue.  Breathing curses and 
abuse he backed out of the room, striking me
before I was quite prepared � a blow on the
ear which I never felt nor should have been
aware of, but the lookers on saw it.  Then I
pitched in, giving him four or five in the face,
knocking him round from one wall to the
other until he crouched on the floor and
actually howled like a dog!   There were three
or four persons present directly, Ames, San-
ford, Albert Boley � they got him up, full
of abuse and foul language.   I went at him               
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