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Text for Page 057 [11-01-1862]

                   Letter from Charley.
  1.  Saturday.   Wrote Tribune editorial.   Down
town with it to the office, looked into Haney�s 
and returned.     Edge and Boweryem in my
room in the evening, the latter jawing wearily.
  2.  Sunday.   Scribbling till 4.     Then to Leslie�s.
Met House and Clapp by the way.   A lovely Septem-
berish day.    Stayed at 38th Street till near 11.
  3.  Monday.   Down town in the afternoon.  A
gusty, sunny day.
  4.  Tuesday.   To Harper�s.    At Haney�s
met Bellew; anon Banks.   Uptown.  Writing
letters.     One arrived from Charley, dated �9
Willow Cottage, Canonbury.�     It answers my
inquiries about my Lecture project, estimating
the cost of such an exhibition at about as many
pounds as I have dollars, so I must e�en say
Good Bye to the present hope of returning to En-
gland.    �As regards home affairs all things
are just as when you left, excepting our Father�s
fast breaking up and I should think would not
live long: he�s kinder, I think, than he had used
to be.�   (Poor father, God help him!) �I am not
much there, being too happy in my own little
home, with my dear little wife and child, who is a
great favorite with all, being healthy and a most
merry little thing.    God only knows how much love
it brings out of one�s nature, dear Tom! one�s               
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