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Text for Page 058 [11-04-1862]

                        English Items.
own little child.�   I think I can fancy.    Char-
ley says he�s sometimes anxious about his fu-
ture, considering it dependent on the Bagster�s,
but his position is a good one, owing to both of
them being disabled from business.     Cornelius,
dropped by the firm is in Boston, U. S.        �I
am happy in my home� writes Charley, �happier
than I ever was, and I trust in God for the future
x   x.   Edwin is just as ever, Rosa and Naomi
looking older, and our mother � bless her! � looking
very well indeed: she went last week to see Mrs
Mitchell, who is dying, no doubt.   x    George Bol-
ton has been staying with us a few days; his
Canada experience has improved him; I like
him very much; he returns in the spring.  Sam is
doing very well indeed, at Harrow: he lacks
worldly experience, having got an easy living with-
out any fighting for it.   x   x   x   Boutcher has sold
himself into a very indifferent family, although
monied; his wife (the best of them) had about three
thousand pounds.�  Charley helped a young man who
married the sister of Boutcher�s wife to a stationary
business.   �Aunt Bolton has been a good kind friend
to me, more so than anyone I know; she�s a 
good mother to her children, poor soul! and al-
ways asks about you, anxiously wishing you
could come home.�
  5.  Wednesday.   The state of New York votes               
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