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Text for Page 011 [01-11-1852]

              Lotty.   By the by, Master Will Kidder
called on me, yesterday, and stayed turning over
drawings, an hour or so.
  12.  Monday.  Working on wood, Did 7
drawings � three Reveille ones.  Took em there &
got $2.    Called at Traveller Office; went to
Castle Garden &c.   Work on Pilgrim fathers
when I returned, till late.   Never worked harder
in my life, or was so poor.
  13.  Tuesday.  Working, on wood all day. Pil-
grim Fathers.   Down town afternoon.   Traveller
& Reveille.   Davis called at night.
  14. Wednesday. Finished block.  Down town
with Mathews at his Sanctum, to Traveller.
Morey a scoundrel.  To Holts, where I passed
the time till 9, with Mr Hart and others ther
talking.      An Englishman there laudatory of
Louis Napoleon [word crossed out] and reviling Kossuth.               
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