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Text for Page 059 [11-05-1862]

               Departure of the Blankmans.
deliberately for the Devil yesterday.   Down
town in the afternoon to the Tribune Office; intro-
duced to Horace Greeley.  Up town.  Writing all
the evening: letters to Hannah, my mother and
Charley.           Got a letter from Rice yesterday.
His boils have developed into carbuncles for which
he had to resort to surgical aid.         Hickox is at
Cincinnatti.    Hay and Thompson are with Gen.
Hunter at Washington.          The mail brought me
also a spread-eagle tirade delivered at Lafay-
etteville, Dutchess Co. by Dr Augustus Rawlings.
  6.  Thursday.   Letter writing in doors till
sunset.    This morning the Blankmans clear
out, bag and baggage.   The fellow has not shown
at table since his licking, except at early mor-
ning, when he knows I shant be there.   He had
his meals sent to him.    I passed him this mor-
ning as he was superintending the removal of
the traps, he looking the incarnation of malevolence,
and I responding with a cheerful glance of con-
tempt.    Wouldn�t he have liked to have muttered
something! but the cur in his nature predominated,
and he held his peace.           In the evening walked
to 24th Street near the North River with intent
to visit the Walls, but they were out.  Returning,
looked in at 745.     Letters from George Edwards
relating the disastrous attempt to destroy the railway
at Pocotaligo, between Charleston and Savannah,               
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