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Text for Page 060 [11-06-1862]

              Miscellaneous.   Hart.   Honeywell.
and about the death of Gen. Mitchel of yellow fever.
  Talking with Mr and Mrs Edwards in the workroom,
until the girls and John came in.    They had been
witnessing the marriage of an elder brother of Polhemus,
and subsequently visiting the Browns.     Charley Honey-
well is in New York, back on a visit.      Left at 11 1/4.
  I have neglected to put down that Hart visited
me on Saturday last, having just returned from
England.    By this time he is probably in Lousville.
  7.  Friday.   A snowstorm and north east wind,
everything looking as wintry as possible.   Had Bow-
eryem with me nearly all day.       Down town by om-
nibus in the afternoon, to the Post and Tribune of-
fices.    The streets half empty, the omnibuses labor-
ing; a day worthy of Christmas.
  8.  Saturday.   In doors.
  9.  Sunday.   In doors.   To 745 in the evening.
Pater and materfamilias and the girls there; Ha-
ney and Jack away at Nyack.       A pleasant chat
with Mat and Eliza.      Charley Honeywell had
taken them to the theatre t�other night, doing it in
grand style.       They vote the young man �improved�
and report that he spent $200 when he came
home in the summer.
  10.  Monday.   A letter from Hannah.   John
Conworth is in England and at Neithrop: Han-
nah has met him there.  �He is very quiet, Sa-
rah Ann says, she has not spoken to him except               
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