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Text for Page 061 [11-10-1862]

        John Conworth and Sarah Ann Bolton.
in the presence of the family.   x   x   Sarah Anne
doesn�t care for him and never did in the
way of loving him.   x   x   She said when he
first came in she felt no emotion: they shook
hands and looked at each other, and if they
were left alone for a few minutes, he sat with
his hand over his eyes.   x   x   He sent his por-
trait for her by George, who didn�t give it to
her, as she was so taken up with George Gard-
ner.   He is more earnest now than ever and
they (S. A. and G.) go out together as usual,
so John will soon know he is in the background.
x   x   He sat very quiet while I was there, look-
ing down, as if he were shy, now and then
raising his head and replying to a question, or
laughing at the remarks of others.   x   Sarah
Ann expected to see him sprucer in appearance;
his figure is loose, Yankee-like, in gait and man-
ner and in the sound of his voice.   x   x   I won-
der what he really has come over for?        
His housekeeper that you knew is living in
Warwickshire and he has left his brothers in
his home.�     Ah John Conworth! better take
the pretty, kind little widow back with you as your
wife: what can you see in that little Sarah 
Ann to hanker after her so?   What does any
man see in the woman he loves or has loved?
x   x   Sister Rosa�s �love affair.� Charles and               
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