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Text for Page 063 [11-11-1862]

                     Banks thrashed by
seductive punch (brewed by papa Edwards) that
they were at least an hour and a half in advance 
of their inevitable inebriation.  They cheered, shouted,
indulged in �tigers� and made a perfect Babel of dis-
cord.     I had to respond to the toast of �the Press.�
Jack got a little tipsy and brought any amount of
his comrades to me, introducing each of them as
�a good republican�   By 11 the party broke up,
but a few remaining in a lower room, where Ha-
ney and I wrote notices of the occasion for the
papers, to be conveyed down town by the porter.
  12.  Wednesday.   A dull, dark, disagreeable
depressing day, wasted mostly, and in-doors.
A story of Beckett Bellew obtained by Cahill,
from John A. Wood.     �I found it necessary to
lick Banks,� said Beckett to Wood, �and I�ve
got to keep him till he gets well!�   Beckett is now
filling the responsible portion of conductor on the
Second Avenue Railroad!    And it was he who
had married an heiress!      Erin go Brag!     His
thrashing Banks originated as follows: the lat-
ter presented himself at Harlem and said, bai
Jove! he was going to have a good night�s rest there,
and a good long day on the morrow.     Beckett
told him that he was welcome to come there when
he, the master of the house, was present, but the
fact was that Mrs Bellew objected to Banks
in her husband�s absence, regarding him as a               
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