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Text for Page 065 [11-14-1862]

                     An Evening at 745.
ton called in the evening.   By 9 o�clock to 745,
where I found Matty, Eliza, Jack, Honeywell,
a middle-aged lady-visitor and a young fellow 
appertaining to the latter.      Eliza at the piano.
A pleasant evening.    Enter Mr and Mrs Ed-
wards from below.    Haney from drill and � Mor-
ris, from his native Baldinsville, where he has
been sojourning for some months.   All the party
stayed till near 12.                   Being out this after-
noon in Broadway met Mrs Butler, looking
gracious, in her widow�s dress.   Her husband
has died during the past summer and it is sur-
missed that she will marry Jones.
  15.  Saturday.   With Boweryem to a place in
the Bowery, near the Cooper Institute, where I
met Wilbour and had a steam bath, with electri-
city applied to legs for the benefit of occasional
rheumatism.   Returning; to scribbling till 3; then
in obedience to a note from Gay, down town to
the Tribune Office.       Looked in at Haney�s
business place; he not there.     Saw F. Leslie
at his office and J. A. Wood, meeting also Bower-
yem.    Scribbling during the evening.   At near
1. A. M., when Boweryem had left me, I was
informed by Jewett of a conflagration raging in
the rear of our house at a couple of streets dis-
tance.     So I went into his and Shepherd�s
room to look at it.        It was the big manu-               
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