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Text for Page 068 [11-21-1862]

  21.  Friday.   Writing until the afternoon, then
to the Tribune Office.  Saw Gay.  A row between
England and House, touching the criticism of the latter
on a ridiculous piece of reporting printed in that
day�s paper.        A call on Haney.         Got a letter
from my mother this morning; all much as usual
at home.    She has been to Clifton to visit her dy-
ing sister, staying three days.      �We had not met
for eleven years and our parting was very sad
and solemn, for we both felt that we should see
each other�s face no more in this world.   I trust
we shall meet in a place where there is no more
quarrelling and where all tears will be wiped
away.�     George Bolton and John Conworth
have been in London, visiting our house.
  22.  Saturday.   In doors, writing.           Shep-
herd opines that the five-act comedy upon which
Watson has been engaged for the past three months
has been rejected by old Wallack, as a large roll
of M. S. was brought to the author by a man ser-
vant, this morning.   But on Watson borrowing
his (Shepherd�s) shoes and Edge�s overcoat in
which to visit the manager, my informant augurs
more hopefully!  It appears subsequently that the
play is to be altered, that Lester Wallack�s part 
may have a due prominence over that of Mrs Hoey.
  23.  Sunday.   In doors till the evening.      Morris
came in the afternoon.  He has hired a room at               
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