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Text for Page 012 [01-14-1852]

              To Pattens.   Mr Richardson not in.  Stayed 
awhile, then back through the snow-clad streets
and $2 in pocket.   Hard times.
  15. Thursday.  To the Lantern Office, Fulton
Street.  Saw Woodward, talked awhile with him,
and appointed to call again in the afternoon.  To
the Reveille and Traveler Offices, Nagle�s book
store, Lockingtons, and to Mathews sanctum
at the Literary World Offices.     Drawings to put
on wood for his �Chanticleer�, payment hereafter,
when book is republished.   Afternoon down town
again to the �Lantern� Office, where being admitted
into the small box-compartment in the corner of
the room I found John Brougham seated writing
funniment amid some five or six desultory chat-
terrers, Bellew, the artist & others. Had
a talk with Brougham and Woodward, and
agreed with them about commencing a Series               
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