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Text for Page 069 [11-23-1862]

                      The Nast Family.
the corner of Bond Street and Broadway, and
proposes to feed abroad.      Boweryem took him
off after supper.    To 745; the family, inclu-
ding Sally and her husband, Parton and Haney
present.    The baby was asleep in an adjoining
room.      Nast seems much as usual; he was
comparatively friendly, and did practical jocula-
ries towards Jack and his wife, Sally appears
to advantage as a young mother: the baby, when
arrayed for departure, was gorgeously appar-
relled.    Both husband and wife invited me
to visit them �before I went off,� Nast second-
ing his wife�s invitation.   Parton left at
the same time.      Stayed with Haney till near
11; had ale at Ayliffe�s and Haney came
home with me, having occasion to see Mullen
about a drawing (which wasn�t begun).    Mullen
in my room with us afterwards yarning about
his filibuster experience with Walker in Nica-
ragua, and the execution of two deserter�s there.
  {24.  Monday.       In doors writing, one of the
  25.  Tuesday.}       days being execrable out of
doors.   Shepherd at work in my room during
part of the time, matagrabolizing a story for
Harper�s.     Morris up each evening.  The three
of us out to the Optimus and Store on Tuesday
night.    Morris considerably humbugged by invent-
tions about the doings in our boarding-house,               
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