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Text for Page 073 [11-27-1862]

                      Joe Scoville�s.
ville�s whom I found on the parlor, listening
to little Mary, playing upon the piano.  Mrs Sco-
ville appearing, nicely dressed, we all went down
stairs to supper.        It appeared that they had en-
tertained �a surprise party� over-night, of about
fifty persons.      After sup-
ping we went up-stairs and
played whist, Scoville ha-
ving his daughter for part-
ner, while opposite me sat
his handsome wife, who en-
joyed herself heartily, es-
pecially as she and I proved
triumphant.       After four
games came an interlude of 
Chili wine, like currant,
but good, and dominoes.  Al-
together the evening was a plea-
sant one.            It�s a queer 
turn of fortune that my
host, of all men, should be

Joe Scoville.

writing letters to a high Tory English newspaper �
some two or three a week, printed in editorial type
and duly headed with important-looking type!  He
is a perfect free-lance, doesn�t care what extra-
vagance or falsity he puts in � rather enjoys
doing audacious absurdities in fact! yet the
sober English Markey seems appreciative of the               
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