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Text for Page 074 [11-27-1862]

                    Scoville and his Wife.
reckless balderdash, for he has applications
from other English papers and now writes what
he denominates �high Calhounism,� weekly, for
a Liverpool one.            He says the London He-
rald people sent for his photograph and ex-
posed the duplicate of that overleaf in the window
of their publishing office.          It might be a much
better portrait, the real face looking altogether
coarser.        Yet he was hearty and hospitable
and his wife kind.         She is of those �marrowy
organisms� commended by Holmes, 
a womanly woman, nothing of the
sharp-accented dry-natured Yankee about
her.    I like her tallness too, and lustrous hair
and eyes.   She seems a child in her impulses
and self-will; indeed Southerners are mostly
children or savages � often a mixture of both.
Her maiden name was a queer one � Carolina
Uniana Schaub!      Her father, a German pilot
of Charleston, or of Teuton descent, detested
Nullification and femininised the word Union
for the second name of his daughter while he a-
dopted that of the �sovereign� state for the first.
  Got back to Bleecker Street by 11, finding
a select party, Mrs. Boley, Jewitt, Cahill,
Shepherd, Mullen and Richardson in the base-
ment, drinking whiskey and finishing the din-
ner�s turkeys.   Cahill drunk, Shepherd nearly               
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