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Text for Page 075 [11-27-1862]

               Scribbling.     Attic items.
  28.  Friday.   Writing till 2 P. M. then
down town, to Haney�s and Tribune office.
Haney not back.   Requested to do another edi-
torial for tomorrow�s paper; went up-town and
did it, Boweryem taking it down, as he thought
he�d better go to the Post Office.  Morris in tem-
porarily.       To bed about 2.
  29.  Saturday.   In doors scribbling &c
all the dark, drizzly day.  Wrote to Mary Ann,
did something for Tribune and scored up dia-
ries.    Morris up at about 6, for a very short
time.         Out with Boweryem at 11 for oysters
and looked into �the Store� for drinks subsequently.
  30.  Sunday.   In doors until evening.       Mor-
ris came, boring, in the afternoon and supped with
us.      To 745 in the evening; the family, in-
cluding Nast and wife, and baby.    Parton and
Haney there.     Slowish.    Morris came later.
  Our attic floor, at 132 Bleecker Street, pre-
sents a cheerful social aspect just now. Shep-
herd has been drinking with Mullen for the last
three days, and now lies in the room of the lat-
ter in a state of utter nervous prostration, while
Watson, without fire and light (for the stove
hasn�t been put up and Cahill neglects to buy
kerosene, or has squandered his last week�s salary)
wanders about of evenings, like a small, impri-
soned Banshee.   He can�t go out, being almost               
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